Family Sues Uber and Insurance Company After Death of Maryland Uber Driver

In today’s world, it is common to see riders being picked up by popular rideshare services such as Uber or Lyft. These rideshare services offer convenience at the tip of our fingertips as individuals and groups book rides to get them from point A to point B using the mobile app on their phones. Rideshare companies have their own policies for dealing with car accidents that result while rideshare drivers are on the clock, and this includes their own requirements for insurance coverage. According to a quick look at Uber’s website, a partner driver must be insured, and while rideshare drivers are online with Uber, the company maintains auto insurance on the driver’s behalf. Figuring out exactly which type of insurance coverage a family member has after a serious accident can be complex.

According to a recent news article, a Maryland man working for a popular rideshare service company was killed in a car crash in Baltimore County, Maryland. His family is suing Uber, the rideshare service he worked for, due to a dispute regarding the amount of insurance coverage provided to the deceased man. In December 2021, another driver caused a car accident, resulting in the death of the man whose family is suing Uber and the death of the at-fault driver. In addition, other rideshare passengers suffered serious injuries. The other driver was driving on the wrong side of the road, resulting in their vehicles colliding head-on. In addition, the other driver was in possession of a stolen car, and toxicology results showed that he had cocaine and fentanyl in his system. The other driver did not have insurance. The family is suing Uber Technologies Inc., claiming that the company committed fraud. The family believes that their deceased family member had $1 million in insurance based on information found on Uber’s website, but Uber disagrees and is arguing that it is a fraction of that amount. The family is also suing the insurance company for wrongful death and breach of contract. A settlement conference was scheduled to occur to determine if the case would proceed to trial.

In some instances, disputes with rideshare companies and insurance companies regarding coverage and claims can lead to litigation. It can be difficult to decipher contracts, understand the laws that govern contracts, and understand exactly what coverage and claims may apply. This is why connecting with an experienced lawyer in your area can be extremely beneficial.

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