Court Holds Plaintiff’s Injury While Boarding Casino Shuttle Results in Viable Lawsuit Against Casino

Earlier this month, a California appellate court issued a written opinion in a case involving a plaintiff who was injured as she boarded a casino shuttle bus. While the woman’s injuries were caused by a fall precipitated by other passengers, the court determined that the casino had a duty to ensure the safe boarding of the shuttle. In so holding, the court reversed a lower court’s decision to dismiss the woman’s case.

Huang v. The Bicycle Casino:  The Facts

The Bicycle Casino operates a shuttle to pick up gamers who do not have other transportation to get to the casino. The shuttle operated throughout Los Angeles and traveled on a fixed path with several stops along the way. Since the shuttle ran just once an hour, some of the more popular stops would have many people waiting for the shuttle. The shuttle could hold only about 45 people.

The casino would occasionally bring along a second employee, along with the driver, to ensure that passengers would board in an orderly fashion. However, on the day in question, the driver was alone. As the driver approached the stop where Huang was waiting, the crowd of people surged toward the shuttle.

Huang eventually made her way to the shuttle doors. However, as she stepped up to get inside, the crowd near her surged, causing her to lose her footing. She fell, sustaining serious injuries, and then filed a personal injury lawsuit against the casino. She claimed that the casino had a duty of care to ensure that the passengers riding on the shuttle could board the shuttle safely.

The trial court disagreed with Huang’s argument and dismissed the case. However, on appeal, the case was reversed in Huang’s favor. The court held that by operating the shuttle, the casino takes on a duty to ensure that the passengers can board and exit safely. The court did not go as far as to say that the casino was acting as a “common carrier,” which would impose an even higher duty of care. However, the court’s language in discussing the common-carrier question seemed to indicate that the court was receptive to the argument.

Have You Been Injured on a Shuttle or Bus?

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